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The program Vrakfeber is about wrecks in the Baltic Sea. The story starts from Sveaborg, the fortress built in the middle of the 16th century when the Swedes were fighting against the Russians about the hegemony of the Baltic Sea. This fortress, situated just outside Helsinki, was called “The Nordic Gibraltar”.

We dive to different kinds of wrecks beside the old route to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. The wrecks are both old ones from the middle off 1700 but also ships built of steel from  early 1900. Every ship chosen has an interesting story to tell about. We explain the reason to the accident and how it happened and if there where any consequences of the accident.                                                                               

The circumstances to dive in the Baltic Sea are very demanding, with bad visibility if you compare with other seas, and lot of wind and waves.  The compensation is that the wrecks are in surprisingly good shape even if they have been on the bottom of the sea in hundreds of years. This is because of the small amount of salt, which keep Terra Navalis out of The Baltic Sea. Terra Navalis eats wood and destroys wooden ships in no time. The salty waters in the Atlantic destroys metal also much faster than in the Baltic Sea so the ships preserve very well in these waters.

Beside diving and finding wrecks we also try to find out which wreck it is about if we are not sure. This detective job is something we also show in the program.

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